Research and Methodologies (Module Introduction)

In our introduction to the module ‘Advanced research Methods’ we began by looking at methodology. Methods help us to discuss and analyse photographs in a coherent way, it also helps to put the work into context and create a more meaningful response to the image.
A short list of different methods consists of:
psychoanalyse, landscape theory, globalisation, aesthetics, portraiture, gender, feminism and war.


Lee Miller in Hitler’s bathtub, Hitler’s apartment, Munich, Germany 1945. By Lee Miller with David E. Scherman

When thinking of an example to show the use of methodology Lee Millers work seemed appropriate, specifically the image shown above of her in hitlers bathtub. Without any context you wouldn’t know that she was in Hitler’s bathtub, perhaps by the fact there is a framed picture of him in the room would be a giveaway at the time period, but it could just be someone’s bathroom who happens to have this picture in their bathroom.
The method I think this image responds to is history, war and portraiture. Lee Miller as a photographer did many different things and at a time was a war correspondent. There’s a lot of history and war behind the visual image which would help contextualise it, making the viewer understand what is happening.


Misty and Joey at Hornstrasse, Berlin, 1992 by Nan Goldin

Another example of a visual image by Nan Goldin, this images methodology would be gender, transgender and also masculinity. Goldin photographs her friends, they are very casual and mostly feel like snap shots.

The two examples are very different and have different methods of looking at the visual images. This shows the importance of methodology and how it enables us to better analyse them and put them unto context helping us to understand the visual contents. With these as a starting point you can then branch off and further investigate the meaning of the photographs.


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