Upcoming projects

Over the summer I have three projects that I would like to get started with. Two of them I have already begun working on. The first one is a series of images where I want to explore different forms of clouds, trying to find shapes in them which I will draw on top of digitally using Illustrator. This is the only project that will be done entirely using digital mediums which is very much out of my comfort zone. I also wanted to do this so that I could get back into drawing as it has been a passion of mine since I was young but I haven’t done anything is so long I didn’t know where to begin. I have already begun taking pictures of clouds, but it has been difficult as it has to be a specific day to get the kind of clouds I want, and I also find that I see these shapes in the cloud mostly when I am in the car. When I consciously try and look for them it is much more difficult.

The second project which I have also started with will be titled Home. For this series I want to capture images of the house and also town that I have grown up in, focussing mainly on areas where I have lots of memories from my childhood.

The images shown above are what I have already taken with my digital camera. As you can see I have kept the images very structured, I thought very carefully about the composition of each image. As these are just ones based around my home I’m not sure how the ones taken around the town will fit with this style and so this is what I am going to test out next. I however really like how this series is coming so far, I think perhaps for the final images I might use my medium format camera, but I am unsure whether the square format will suit how I want to compose the images. It may be that 35mm may work better. I was thinking that I was going to use black and white film for this series but after looking at them in colour I think I have changed my mind.

The last project that I want to work on is a portraiture series of people and their pets, at the moment the title is Human-Kinds Bestfriend but I’m still not sure on that so it may change. I mainly just want to explore the relationship we have with our pets, they become a big part of the family and we care for them as so. This project may involve a lot of travelling as I would like to take the pictures in their own environment where hopefully both human and animal will be comfortable.
For this one I am planning on doing practice shoots with my digital camera, and then shoot the final ones using my medium format with colour film.


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