PP2: Exhibition Layouts


Shown in the images are exhibition layouts I created using Photoshop, the quality isn’t great but I just wanted to show mock ups of how I would possibly present my series Flat 35 in an exhibition space.

For the mock ups I kept the original frames in the images, this doesn’t work so well for the smaller scaled framed prints shown in images 1, 2 and 3. If I were to present them in this way I would have square frames, or possibly without frames at all as shown in my previous post of how I presented the images for submission. However, if I had larger scaled prints as shown in image 4 then I would keep the frame as I think that this works well.

I played with the idea of not having all the images together, but having all the portraits of one wall and all the objects on another, spread out across a room. I think if the images were to be spread out, having the images larger would work better as viewers would be able to see all the photographs clearly all at once, whereas if they were smaller as shown in 1 and 2 they would have to be closer, looking at all the images individually. I think I like the idea of them being spread across a room, but at a large scale like image 4 shows, perhaps having the four portraits all on one wall, and then directly across from them would be the still like images. Opposite each portrait would be that persons object, connecting them. This would represent the separation between the moment I met them, and the moment I became comfortable with their presence in my daily life.


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