Personal Research: Hannah Starkey

Starkey, H. (1997). Untitled. Available from
Starkey, H. (1998). Untitled. Available from

I have come across Hannah Starkey’s work without even realising it, but recently read an article which included an article of her talking about her work in Broadly, written by Olivia Parkes March 25th 2016.

Starkey mainly photographs women, in the interview she states that this is because of events that had been happening in Belfast, Northern Ireland where she grew up. For 40 years there was a religious conflict known as the Troubles. During this time when she was a child she could feel the amount of strength women had, and what they could achieve if only their voice was heard “They spoke against the violence with compassion, reason, and intelligence.” (Starkey, H. 2016). In her images she wants to evoke the strength she sees in the women around her as this is dismissed too often in mainstream visual culture.

Looking through Starkey’s photographs I have found her work very inspiring, especially the way she represents women in her images. She has a very distinctive style, in most of her images she includes a window or mirror within the composition, this is because they add a fourth dimension to the photograph and are a metaphor for reflection of the self. She also states that outside of lens-based media mirrors are the only way we can see ourselves in our environment, and sees why people are so captivated with the boom of the selfie; it can be empowering if done in the right way.

I found the interview very interesting to read, to hear her talk about her work made me understand it a lot more and know what she is trying to achieve. You can see this in the images, but because photography is mainly opinion based (this is true for any art form) it was good to be able to hear it from the creator of the work. I always enjoy reading interviews with photographers as they all have such different ideas and ways of working its like a back stage viewing of their work.

If you would like to give the article a read you can find it here:



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