PP2: The Copy Final

Lucy_Dack_Copy copy
5×4 Copy image.

Shown above is my final edit for the Copy. I’m very pleased with the outcome, although if I had more time I think I would perhaps have re-shot it. I’ve never really liked editing images but I have a better understanding of Photoshop after completing this project.

The image below is the image I copied, some of the aspects of the original sitters face I could not have changed with my knowledge and ability of Photoshop; such as the thickness of the sitters hair or the shape of their eyes, nose and mouth. I did have a go at liquify but I didn’t have enough time to perfect using it so I decided it would be best to leave them as they were.

2016-01-19 13.59.22
Ruff, T. (1987). Porträt.

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