PP2: Flat 35 (the series)

Contact Sheet
Scan of the first set of images for my series ‘Flat 35’ 

The images shown are the beginning of my series titled ‘Flat 35’. These images were all taken in the same sitting one after another, I kept the film in and was hoping to fit the last two sitters on this roll of film but there was an error and they didn’t come out. I’m hoping that I will get the lighting the same again for when I re-shoot as when colour printing it was quite easy to print these as they had the same colour tones and was able to print all three on the same settings Y50 M53 C0 f/16 exposed for 10s for the two girls (Philippa and Katherine) and Alby was at 12s. This meant that I was able to produce the prints very quickly starting at the same settings and working from their once I had my first print (Alby) correct.

One of my main problems when colour printing was getting all the grey backgrounds the same shade of grey, I had to ask peers to have a look at them for me as after staring at them for so long I could no longer tell. This was really helpful, so before moving on with prints I may ask someones opinion so I don’t have to back-track. I also noticed when printing that the images are a bit soft, I’m not sure whether this was my error when focussing the camera or perhaps me knocking the camera slightly when taking the image as one of the pictures of Alby came out blurry. This isn’t a major issue though as when you look at them from further away they look in focus, it’s only up close you are able to see this.

Overall I am really pleased with how my series is going to far, I’m glad that I started early so I have plenty of time to concentrate on printing, I’m hoping that my final shoot of my sitters and the objects will go well as having to re-shoot would put me behind schedule.


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