PD2: Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Lucy Dack uses photography as a way to show her personal feelings about the world around her. She mostly takes a sociological approach to her work and is curious about how people interact with nature, each other, and themselves.
Street photography and portraiture are what she is mainly interested in and has taken influence from photographers such as Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon and Thomas Ruff. 
In her work she intends to make people reflect on their relationship with the photographs in order to achieve recognition on how they connect to each other through the world around them.

Written above is my artist statement, I think for now this will be my final draft until I feel I need to re-write it once I have figured out more what area in photography I want to go in to be able to make it more specific. I have left the introductions to my projects the same as I feel that they already say what I want them to. I could have made them more informal but I think that taking a personal approach works.

Intro to projects:

Canary Wharf

I wanted to evoke the feeling of alienation, to reflect how I felt about moving to a city. Canary Wharf was the best visual area in London which I found helped me present this feeling. There are lots of tall buildings and masses of people in suits; rushing to get where they need to be and not noticing me or my camera.

Let’s Get Drunk at the Graveyard

 I had a particular interest in the different perspectives of the church at Harrow-on-the-Hill. On first impression I was overwhelmed by the view, but when I turned around to walk back through the graveyard I was shocked by all the garbage that had been left on the ground; in particular, cans of beer and cider. I didn’t understand why people would do this; how is a graveyard an appropriate place to drink with your friends and then leave all your rubbish behind?  



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