PD2: Business card inspiration

I have now began putting together my physical portfolio to take to potential employers to look at. Inside my portfolio I will need business cards – something my potential employer can keep once I have taken my portfolio back. To look for inspiration I just typed in business card layouts into Google and it brought me to the site http://www.moo.com who have loads of different design templates that you can buy. I’m not sure whether I will use these as they are quite expensive but I really liked the design.

I want my business card to be very simple. I am debating whether to have one of my images of it or not, as I’m not actually sure which I would pick; which one would represent the way I work the most. As you can see the first design on the top left (On Target) doesn’t have a picture at all but is a very simple circle with the initial in the middle and the information on the back. I know this isn’t typical for a photographer but I very much like simplicity, and I think this is reflected in my work, and I could also come up with a similar design to go on my website so they match.

The last two (The line up and Great Escapes) both have images that cover the entire front of the business card, and have simple layouts for the text on the back. I think out of these two I prefer ‘The line up’ as the text on the back stands out a lot more than the grey on the black on ‘Great Escapes’.

Overall I found these particular business cards very inspirational and will take the designs from each of them into consideration when I begin designing my own.


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