PP2: The series

I’ve had a further think about my series, and after having my tutorial on my initial idea for the series which was to take photographs in the same style as Thomas Ruff’s portraits. It was suggested that in order to make my series different to my copy to add something to the portraits. I have decided that along with the portraits of my flat mates I will also ask for something from their room and take it into the studio and take a photograph of it. This will further show my relationship with the sitters and this strange sense of how close we are all living together but were initially strangers. The passport like photographs show the distance between us; the exterior/first impressions of first meeting and then the objects from their room represent the friendships we have built. A trust between us.

For the still life photographs I will be taking of the objects I have been looking at Irving Penn and his Cranium Architecture series.

I am obviously not going to be photographing skulls, and they will also be in colour and not black and white but I really liked the lightings used and with a plain background in has the same affect as the portraits in that the object is the main focus. He also has made sure that all the skulls are the same size in the frame, showing that each skull is equal to the last. As the title suggests Penn wanted the viewer to look at the skulls as constructions made by nature.

I thought that it would be interesting to have all the objects a similar size within the frame. This may or may not work depending on what objects my flat mates choose, I do not know this factor yet so my plan may change, or perhaps I could get them to pick something different. I like the idea of the object being looks at as constructions, and also by being photographed in a similar way as the portraits would make the series more coherent.


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