The Series: Initial idea

For my series; which is a follow up from the copy project I want to do similar portraits, still in the same Thomas Ruff style but of my flat mates. I want to do this as I have been thinking a lot about how we all got put together, apart from a small questionnaire we did where you rated how messy/tidy, quiet/loud you are etc. it was completely random. These complete strangers became my flat mates and we began living closely together and got to know one another in the process.

The style of Ruff’s portraits and how they show nothing but the exterior of the person being photographed; yet how detailed they are reminded me of the first impressions I had of my flat mates and so it seems a very appropriate way to present the idea of a stranger becoming a part of your daily life. Rather than a large format camera, which I used for the copy I am going to use a medium format TLR camera with a 180mm lens. I have chosen to use this medium as I don’t feel 35mm is detailed enough and would be too grainy for the effect I want. I also decided on a TLR camera as I have one of my own and so instead of having to use a whole roll of film in one shoot just to use it up I will be able to take it away and bring it back when needed.

For the series I would like to title it very simply ‘Flat 35’ as this is our flat number, and the images will be of the people who live their. I have been debating whether to include myself in this series, but it would be very difficult to frame and with someone else doing these things for me whilst I sit in front of the camera, is it really my photograph? So I am not sure I will include myself as it’s more about the people that I live with rather than myself.


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