The Copy: First edit

Shown above is the image my copy of the image I chose by Thomas Ruff. My original model was unable to make the day we were shooting, but I luckily found someone else to act as a replacement who too held some resemblance to the woman in the image I wished to copy.

I think that the shoot went quite well, but as I was the first one I felt as though I needed to rush and get it done so the other two people in my group could start theirs. I wish that I had taken a bit more time with the lighting, as I went straight to using two soft boxes rather than trying umbrellas, which I now think would have worked better. When looking at the test polaroid I did I thought that the lighting looked correct, but I didn’t focus enough attention on the eyes and how the light was hitting them as this is a big giveaway as to what lighting was used. Another issue I had was with the models hair, It was very thin and so I found it quite hard to get the volume I needed. I can also see that the model began to slouch when the photograph was taken after posing for so long, through the stress of having so many things to check, I failed to see this was happening.

I am however still pleased with my copy, it does hold quite a lot of resemblance to the original and with more editing I think that it will look even better.



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