Workshop: Large Format

2016-02-01 16.32.42

Shown above are the three polaroids my group created during our workshop.

I have worked with large format cameras before during A levels, but I found that I learned a lot about the camera and different techniques you can use with it during the workshop that I did not know.

For the workshop we were working with a Monorail camera, another large format camera that was talked about is a Field camera which comes in a wooden box making it easier to travel with. Another different between the two is that despite the Field camera being more convenient for travelling you lose some quality using it.

Some of the camera movement that we were shown during the workshop were:

Shift (Rise and Fall)
Rise is where the lens is higher than the back, and fall is where the lens is lower than the back. This can be useful when wanting to photograph something in a mirror but do not want yourself or the camera to be in the image.

Swing: rotates around a vertical axis
Swinging the lens only affects the image sharpness and by swinging the back you affect the image shape and also the sharpness.

Tilt: rotates around a horizontal axis
Tilting the lens and back has the same affect as the swing. They both affect the image shape and angle that the plane of sharp focus intersects the subject.

These are movements that we had a go with during our workshop taking our polaroids of both still life and a portrait. We could definitely experiment more with the still life that with the portrait as staying very still for a long period of time is very difficult. I think when using large format you really have to think about the pose you’re putting your model in due to this. As I modelled for one of the images, and have in the past when someone has used large format I know how difficult it can be so I can sympathise with people having to pose for one.
Overall I found the workshop really useful, I learned a lot about large format cameras and also about the pros and cons of using one in your work as a photographer.


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