PD2: Website Inspiration

Shown in the images above are websites created by working practitioners in the photography field. They all have a different style with their websites which I think really goes well with the style of their work they are presenting.

My favourite website layout that I have looked at is Meredith Jenks, what I liked is that straight away on the page her website link sends you to is a compilation of her photographs with a button which says ‘Enter’ which then leads you to the main part of her website which is also shown. By having the montage of her images being the first thing you see you instantly get an idea of what kind of work she does and shows a very distinct style. This is very contrasted to Nicol Vizioli’s website which is mostly due to the difference in style of work, but I found Vizioli’s webiste was much more subtle, with a smaller typeface, but larger images to compensate, there are also less links at the top, but they also have a lot less work presented on their website.

Another website I particularly liked was Maja Daniels, it’s very simple and easy to navigate with introductions to all of her projects, giving you an overview of what it’s about. On the title page the image changes, showing a slideshow of her work that is on the website, again giving you an idea of what kind of work she does.

Amanda Camenisch’s website was the easiest to navigate of all the websites I looked at. As the title ‘Portfolio’ suggests you literally scroll downwards through all of her work, the only information you get is captions below the images with the date, title and what it was for. This isn’t very useful is you want to know more about the photographer, but would be very easy for possible clients to view their work.

The least effective website I came across was Murad Osmann’s, although I liked the layout for some reason I could not click or scroll through anything on the site. Perhaps the site is going through re-construction or maintanence, but there is nothing to say that so I can only assume it’s just a difficult layout.

Looking at photographers websites has been very inspiring, and it will come in handy when I begin to make my own. I will definitely take into consideration what I did and didn’t like about the websites shown when making my own to make sure that it is easy to navigate and works well with the images I have produced and will in the future.

Websites shown:



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