Workshop: Studio Lighting

2016-01-25 17.48.20
Shutter Speed: 60, Aperture: 8.5

Classic beauty shot taken during the workshop using a soft box above the photographer to give even lighting. We used a medium format Hasselblad and used polaroid film.

I have really been looking forward to trying a Hasselblad since beginning the course and I was pleased with the outcome of my image even though it came out more ‘heroic’ rather than a classic beauty shot, however the lighting is correct for a beauty shot it was the pose that gave a heroic feel to the image. If I had more time I would have thought about this more and would have thought of a way she could have posed her hands to evoke elegance but as others were also having to take theirs in a short amount of time I rushed it.

I thought that the Hasselblad had a lovely quality to it and will definitely be considering using this particular camera for my series project.


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