Urban Landscape: Seventh Shoot

For my seventh shoot, as previously said due to feedback from peers I decided to go back to my location but look specifically at the trash on the floor with one image of the landscape to present the contrast between what we initially see and the hidden elements of the surroundings; such as trash left on the floor.

I began as you first walk into Harrow-on-th-Hill where the sign is for the town as when I was last there I noticed a traffic cone through the fence, this didn’t photograph as well as I hoped, I also found that using a tripod made it especially difficult to photograph through the fence. I also photographed a crisp packet and also a condom wrapper.

The area I found most interesting was where I began; at the graveyard. When walking along it I noticed so many alcohol cans so I began to photograph them, some were more hidden than others. It was as though they had been placed there just for me and the title ‘Let’s Get Drunk in the Graveyard’ came to mind. Instead of mixing the cans with other items found I preferred how it looked with just the cans.

Shown above are both of my layout ideas for the project, as you can see in layout 1 there are very similar colours in the images, they’re all very green much like the landscape image I have picked to have in the centre. Layout two features other trash that I saw elsewhere in the town, but as the leaves were more dead than is the others it is quite brown, so I’m not sure about including them and instead just having the cans. However as I can print up to 9 I think I will print the crisp packet and condom wrapper also to see whether I want to include them or not as when seeing them printed out I may change my mind.


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