Urban Landscape: Fifth Shoot

For my fifth shoot I went back to the same location as my previous shoot as I wanted to focus on a specific area and improve it from the last time I photographed their.

In one of my photograph from my previous shoot I noticed that the dinted garage in the photograph would be good subject matter for my project and my theme, but I had not quite got it within the frame, and was certainly not the main point of focus.

Along with my contact sheet from the shoot I have also included a mock up on Lightroom of my first look at how my images could possibly go together when looking for my final images out of what I have already shot so that I know what areas I need to improve on.

When looking at the layout I think that on the first row the two images from the top left and centre go nicely together as they were shot in the same area, whereas the image on the top right was a completely different area and doesn’t match the green tones of the other photographs. To correct this I think that they need to be three different areas, or I all need to be different. As all of the bottom images are from different locations I think that I will do this also with the top images.

For my next shoot I will go back to Harrow-on-the-Hill and find another area I think would fit in with the different perspectives I have shown of the town.


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