Urban Landscape: Third shoot

For my third shoot at Harrow-on-the-Hill I focussed on photographing the centre of town rather. I took the photographs at dawn between 7:45 and 8:30, the light at this time was very nice and I think it worked well, however the problem I found with this time was how busy the location was with the school children just starting classes and all the traffic coming through the small town I was unable to get images of the centre without cars being in the shot. This was an advantage I had a dusk is that there weren’t as many cars, although both dusk and dawn seem to be at drop off and pick up times due to them both being so late in the day due to the time of year. I was very lucky with my first shoot as it was very sunny so I had light shining through the clouds at midday, whereas at the minute it’s cloudy was dawn until dusk. This is a shame as I was really pleased with my first shoot and how my shot from the view of the church came out, but to include both that image and the ones shown wouldn’t work because of the sheer difference in weather.

Overall I am pleased with the compositions of my photographs, and I think that these images fit in more with the images of ‘the view from the church’ than my previous few images of the town.


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