Marian Goodman Gallery: Jeff Wall

The photographs above are from the Marian Goodman Galleries website.

On the weekend I went to visit Jeff Wall’s exhibition at the Marian Goodman Gallery, the work shown is new work by the photograph that has been created over the past eighteen months. The photographs are in support of Wall’s work of photographing everyday life which also resembles documentary photography.

When walking into the exhibition I was struck by the size of the prints, the photographs of the exhibition space do not give them justice. My favourite image from the series was the deserted photograph with the bright blue sky. By having the photograph printed so big you get a sense of the isolation within the image, as you walk closer and closer to it you notice the men in the photograph rather than focussing on the blue sky.

All of the images were very vibrant in colour and seemed to represent specific moments in the individuals lives, some of them seem to have no relation to each other at all and so as you walk around the room you’re getting snippets of several peoples lives.

I would definitely recommend going to see the exhibition for yourself to be able to see the detail and size of the images for yourself, and even though there aren’t many in the exhibition it is still really interesting to see the work in the flesh rather than on a computer screen.


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