Urban Landscape: second shoot

On the 25th November I went back to Harrow-on-the-Hill to take pictures at twilight rather than midday to see which gave me the best lighting. Compared to my first shoot these images are very dark and have more of a blue tone to them due to the colour temperature of the images. I shot the images with my white balance on daylight. I didn’t correct the colour temperature as I think that this blue tone creates a moody atmosphere within the photographs.

With the images I think that I preferred midday light when I first shot ‘the view from the church’ because the sunlight that came through the clouds created spotlights on the buildings highlighting the greenness of the grass and also the line of cars that you can see. However, I thought that perhaps that even though I prefer my first picked image from the view from the church I think that these moody, lightly more eerie atmospheric photographs go more with my theme of the two perspectives you see in the particular location I have chosen.

I also carried on photographing trash around the graveyard, within these photographs I prefer ‘Trash #1’ as it shows the surroundings as well, whereas ‘Trash #2’ is solely focussed on the rubbish on the ground and does not work as well. Another image that I do not think works within my current images is the image of the centre of town, as in my previous landscapes they are of lots of buildings and greenery, whereas the centre you only see a very small section of the area, however they may work better together if I spend more time working on how I want to photograph the centre as I did that area last on my trip and the sun was going down very quickly. This made me rush what I was doing and could have affected my photographs.

On my next shoot I think that I will spend more time in the centre of the town to try and find areas I want to photograph. I also think that I will go and twilight again, as I think this lighting works the best.


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