Urban Landscape: Paul Graham

As part of my research for my urban landscape project I have began looking at Paul Grahams work, the images above are from the book Paul Graham 1981 & 2011 Hasselblad Award 2012′ and are specifically from his series A1 – The Great North Road. What I found intriguing about his images was the use of the weather to create very dull, faded images, the colour is not very vibrant but has detailed quality to it which I like. I think that by photographing on a somewhat miserable day it has created images with depth and a moody vibe, one of which we tend to have whilst driving on a miserable day just trying to get to our destination.

The images from the series definitely have a wandering feel to them, and unsettled traveler capturing life on the go. It is important to not just capture the bright and sunny days, but also the ones that make us want to stay inside.

In relation to my own photography I would like to apply the use of a dull day to my photographs of the worst parts of Harrow, I think that by adding this bleakness to the images they will have more meaning to them, especially if the images of the view everyone see’s and the bits they don’t see on the exterior have different colour tones the meaning behind the images will become clearer.


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