Urban Landscape: Harrow-on-the-Hill

Today I went to Harrow-on-the-Hill to take photographs for my urban landscape project, I specifically went to the church at the top of a hill as shown previously due to the view it provides and also took pictures in the surrounding area of the church such as the graveyard.

Shown above are my favourite images from the shoot, the photographs were taken at midday when the sun was at its brightest, especially as it has been raining a lot recently the sky has been very dull, however in the ‘Litter’ image the sky looks a lot sunnier than the one of the view, it even kind of looks like they were taken on completely different days.
The bottle in the ‘Litter’ photograph looks as though it was placed there purposefully, but it wasn’t by me, when I saw it, I felt as though it was done of purpose by the way it’s standing upright next to a bin; it doesn’t look like it was just thrown down carelessly and this intrigued me.
The last image ‘Bin Laeden was he’ also seemed very strange as I am not quite sure whether it was meant to say ‘Bin Laden was here’ or whether it is something else or someone else, it also would seem that they got cut off from doing it as instead of ‘here’ they have ‘he’ and then a blob next to it as though they were about to carry on.

I am happy with these images, however I do not think that they express the contrast that I wanted them to, I think that in order to evoke the atmosphere I want to I will have to photograph more of the centre of Harrow-on-the-Hill rather than the view of the outskirts as this is where it looks the most grand.


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