René Maltête: Street photography

IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0013

René Maltête (1930-2000) was a French photographer who took to taking unusual images of everyday life. Some of his images were happy accidents that he came across when wandering the streets but some were staged situations that he created.
The images above are some of my favourite images by the photographer, they are very humorous and show the wonderful things that the photographer noticed. The top image shows a family all wearing strips at the beach, the second image shows a couple on a horse but the woman’s skirt is covering up the back making it look as though the horses legs are her own and finally the bottom one shows an advertisement on the wall in juxtaposition to the nuns walking by it. There are many amusing images in his series of images but these are definitely my favourite, the timing and the composition of the photographs are very visually interesting.


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