Urban Landscape: Ideas

Both images taken with my iPhone at Harrow-on-the-Hill.


When we started photography and I was told we would do a street photography project and an urban landscape project I began to think about areas I could photograph. I visited Harrow-on-the-Hill again after our visit as a group and went up to where the church is which gave me the amazing view shown and I thought that it would be an area I would want to come back and photograph. I then continued exploring around the church and came across the graffiti shown on the back of a grave stone, which I thought was really disrespectful, there was also lots of rubbish left behind, especially alcohol cans and even a pit where it looked like someone had a fire. I was really surprised to see this as when you walk into to Harrow-on-the-Hill and even before going it is known to be a very rich place and quite ‘posh’ and especially on the outside it does seem this way. As I thought about what I was seeing I thought that it would make quite a good photographic series showing the outer side of Harrow but also the side it doesn’t want anyone to see, to show that no matter where you are there always seems to be an area just like this that people have to trash.
I found it particularly astonishing that it was a graveyard that was being treated this way, and I found it very disgusting and disrespectful as it an area where people’s loved ones are supposed to be resting in peace.


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