Long Sutton and Kings Lynn

Long Sutton contact sheet
Long Sutton contact sheet
Kings Lynn contact sheet
Kings Lynn contact sheet

On the weekend I went back home to photograph my home town and also a town near me named Kings Lynn where I went to college. After looking at the contact sheets and thinking more into my project I realised that for my idea of home compared to London, I should really focus on my hometown. It was however interesting to go to Kings Lynn to walk around taking pictures like I did when I first started my A levels almost 4 years ago. I found that I definitely looked at it differently after spending time in central London, especially the difference between shopping in London and in Kings Lynn; it never feels busy their now.
I also thought that the contrast is much larger comparing Long Sutton to Canary Wharf as on a Sunday morning there was hardly anyone around, just people on their way to the bus stop, or waiting for buses. There are also a lot of dog walkers, I can guarantee any time of the day in any weather condition there will be someone walking their dog. It is unfortunate that the farmers have finished harvesting, it would be typical Lincolnshire is I caught a tractor going through town.
To conclude I found myself very nostalgic walking through my home town the same way I would have done when I was 15 with my friends when we had nothing to do, I have thought for a good couple of years that I need to photograph Long Sutton as it is now, and now I finally have.


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