HT1 Essential Reading: Between Art and Commerce: the still life photograph by David Campany

The article written by David Campany discusses still life photography and how it can both be art and commercial photography. It is one of the most well-known types of photography and can be created by almost anybody as all it requires is a camera and an object; it can be a table or a fruit bowl (which is most common in art and photography). These types of images however can be used for both art and also for advertisement.
During the 1950s-60s commercial photographers began to want more of a structure to their photographs as they were not keen on how unpredictable art is and so tried to develop a science to their image design. This then led to Roland Barthes who through his semiotic critique created an analyses advertisement desired. Barthes believed that photographs were coded with things that the photographer has embedded in them, making them not universally understood, there are several elements of an image that you could not understand maybe due to the location, or historical aspect, and also if it was in reference to a work of art, you would not know this unless you had seen the work of art it was in reference to in the first place.
In conclusion still life photography has developed over time, and is known by all whether it is for art or advertisement.


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