Analysing and Interpreting

Berenice Abbott, 'Father Duffy, Times Square'
Berenice Abbott, ‘Father Duffy, Times Square’

The photograph is part of Berenice Abbott’s first major photography project which was based around documenting New York City which began in 1929 and lasted until 1939.
The image taken was only as a snapshot by Berenice Abbott in Times Square because she found the statue covered in bright blue cloth, funny. She had to take the photograph quickly due to being told to move on by a policeman who thought she was creating a nuisance, and because a Policeman is a figure of authority and there being a big crowd she left. Abbott regretted moving on as she wanted to take pictures of the statue with a better background and to try different angles.
The cloth over the statue has connotations of the dead as this is how they would be covered up, however I feel that this is because the image is in black and white, if we could see the blue I feel the humour to the image would come through more. It is also perhaps due to whom the statue is of that would add to the humour of the image, as underneath is a military chaplain and priest named Father Duffy who has a very stern expression, knowing what statue lies beneath the bright blue cloth I can see why it would be amusing to see if over such a respectable looking man.


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