New idea: Home

Whilst thinking of my idea and about different locations I can take pictures in to enforce the sense of how big London is I started to think of how it would work well to be able to compare the two within the series. As we have to have between 5-9 photographs I thought that I could have 3 which are taken in the same location in London and another 3 that would be taken in my home town and also another were I went to college. As my home town is very small I thought that photographing a slightly bigger one as well would give me more options.
I had also previously when I first moved to London thought about populations, and asked a few of my flat mates where they live and looked it up on Google, this is when I realised just how small Kings Lynn is (the town where I went to college) which has a population of 42,800… London’s population is 8.63 million, my hometown, Long Sutton has a population of 4,821 (2011). You can see why I was anxious about moving to London now, right?
I think that by showing the contrast between the two locations would further show how I feel about moving to such a large city and how small I feel being in it.


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