August Sander

The History of Photography: August Sander, Gordan Fraser, 1977
The History of Photography: August Sander, Gordan Fraser, 1977

The Title of the book is ‘August Sander’, the front cover shows one of the photographers portraits of three boys named ‘Bicyclists, Westerwald, 1922′. Inside the book there is a introduction about August Sanders written by John von Hartz, which included a bit about his childhood and life, and also about the photography work inside the book. The rest of the book is filled with photographs of his work from his series ‘Man of the 20th Century’, all of which are portraits of either groups or individual’s of Germans. At the end of the book all the titles of each of the photographs are listed, August Sander has titled each photograph by stating the occupation of the subject, or perhaps hobby, the area it was taken and then the date.
I found the book very interesting to read, and to look at as the introduction was very short I was able to read it all very quickly before looking at the photographs. I think that this structure worked very well, as you get just the right amount of information to be able to understand why the photographs were taken and what they are of.
It was especially intriguing due to the period of time Sander took the photographs were taken before and after World War 1 and so Germany were just recovering after losing the War. Lots os the photographs that Sander took were lost because of this, as he had to leave them behind and when he returned a lot of them were ripped and unusable.
To conclude the book shown on August Sander is a very short but holds a lot of information about the photographer and their work.


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