Marilyn Monroe by Weegee

Weegee, 'Marilyn Monroe', published in Vogue in 1956.
Weegee, ‘Marilyn Monroe’, published in Vogue in 1956.

For one of our journal tasks we were asked to select an image we like, for mine I have chosen this photograph of Marilyn Monroe by Weegee. I picked this image because it is so unlike any other photograph you have ever seen of the icon Marilyn Monroe; at the time the photograph was taken Weegee had been experimenting with different lens to create a series of photographic distortions. He took this technique to Hollywood as he wanted to ‘show not only what people looked but what they were like inside‘ (Weegee on Weegee).
The image was basically a comical way for Weegee to express how obsessed Hollywood is with beauty and so he took one of the most beautiful women to ever set foot in Hollywood and turned her into a caricature and to my surprise the photograph was published in Vogue, one of the most well-known fashion magazines in the world.
What I liked most about the image was how comical it is and I thought it was interesting as in the photograph some of Monroe’s most attractive features are turned into the opposite; her plump lips have been shrinked and her eyebrows have become enormous making her look like a villain is a Disney movie.
To conclude I picked this image not just for its comical value but also with the problems in society that it arrises, even though it was taken in the 1950’s I think that the issue of Hollywood being obsessed with beauty is still well and truly continuing today.


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