A Picture Unlike any I’ve Taken Before

Taken with DSLR Nikon D7000 ISO 200, f/22, Bulb
Taken with DSLR Nikon D7000
ISO 200, f/22, Bulb

For our journal task we were ask to create a photograph unlike any we’ve taken before. During our lesson on photography cliché’s I discovered that I have never taken a photograph using long exposure so I decided for my photograph I would have a go at taking one.
To create the photograph I waited for it to get dark outside because I wanted to use a flashlight to create a pattern in the darkness and as you have to keep the shutter pressed down whilst using bulb I asked a friend to do the pattern for me. The only problem I really ran into was when the flashlight wasn’t completely facing the camera it made very thin lines that you couldn’t really see, although this can also be quite interesting and create more of a texture to the light and pattern.
I was pleased with the way my long exposure photograph turned out, I thought that the pattern my friend drew looks kind of like strange mountains, or even a mystical snake climbing through the sky. You could definitely experiment with lots of different things and it’s very simple making it a very good exercise for an amateur photographer.
I think that this is a technique that I would definitely like to experiment with more as I was quite surprised that I had never tried to do it before, I found it intriguing the way we can capture moving light in this way, and especially the long exposures people have done of stars are incredible as you can actually see the way they move.


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