Street Photography: Initial Ideas

Robert Frank, Canal Street, New Orleans, 1955
Berenice Abbott, 1936

Initially when we were first briefed on our street photography project I thought that I would be most interested in photographing crowded places with lots of people, much like the image shown above by Robert Frank, and was planning on exploring busy areas of London such as Oxford Circus, although after I developed the film we shot at Harrow-on-the-Hill I realised that I was really relaxed with the calm atmosphere and rather than the people I was more concerned with the architecture around me and how people fit in with it.
This then brings me to research I have been doing on Berenice Abbott who is mostly known for her architectural photography but she also has a few photographs that can be seen as street photography. In the image shown I thought the composition was really interesting and well thought out. What intrigued me about the photograph was how tiny all the people look in the photograph compared to the buildings around them and so I started thinking about how we are living in an ever-growing society where everything seems to be getting bigger and bigger.
I then decided that I wanted to try photographing a roll of film in Wembley Park so yesterday I went and walking around Wembley Stadium and all the other buildings and took notice of how small everyone was in relation to the buildings. I have not seen the images from this shoot as I haven’t developed them yet but I really enjoyed my time there and thought hard about composition and waiting for the right moment. Consequently I finished my 36 exposure roll of film very quickly and can understand how Garry Winogrand managed to get through over a million rolls of film in his life time.


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