FMP – Seventh Shoot


This shoot was with Maxine Wilson, the first resident I have spoken to and photographed. She works at the Peele School which I went to so we have met before already and she remembered me from school. Even though it was a rainy day the sun did come out so we managed to do some of the images outside.


This is my favourite image from the shoot (unedited). However, I do need to remember to take things out of the frame as the candle holder in the front of the frame is a bit distracting, and there are some objects in front of her on the table in the other ones as well. And with the images in front of the vine I should have got her to move a bit away from it so the leaves were blurred rather than in focus as it looks like a backdrop.


FMP – Sixth Shoot


This shoot was with Irene who owns a shop called Possessions, where they sell all sorts of different things. This was one of my favourite shoots I have done so far and am really pleased with the images.


This is my favourite image from the shoot. This is also probably one of the first I’ve done which I could actually see going up in the exhibition. Luckily the front of the shop and the door was all windows so it was really open and bright. It was also a sunny day so I’m really pleased with how it came out.

FMP – Fifth Shoot


For this shoot, I photographed and talked to the owners of Pledgers. A brother and sister own the store which is shown in the first few of the images, but the sister didn’t like having her picture taken very much so for the rest of the roll of film I only had the brother to photograph.


These are my two favourite images (unedited apart from slight colour correction). I need to decide whether I would want a picture of both of them outside the shop, or just one of them inside.

FMP – Fourth Shoot


This shoot was with Tarina who works in the library, for this shoot the library was closed so I decided to try using the location lighting. However, I didn’t set them up correctly as I really needed one on Tarina and another one on the background but as I felt rushed as I was going to another shoot afterwards I didn’t take the time to set it up properly. My favourite images ended up being the ones taken without the lights and just using natural daylight.

It was on this shoot that I decided I didn’t want to use location lights as I wanted to be able to spend more time with the subject, setting up the lights and having them up just put more things in between us.


This is my favourite image from the shoot. She was a very smiley, giggly person and so far I haven’t asked my models to stand or pose in a particular way, just been seeing how they present themselves in the images and I think it has worked really well so far.

FMP – Third Shoot


This shoot was with Elaine who works in a shop called Sheila Tiller, which is her mother. She owns a shoe shop which is going to be merged with the clothing shop Elaine runs. She spoke much about how difficult it is owning an independent shop in the town.

The lighting in the shop was a little tricky, the lights above over-exposed her a little bit even though I used a light metre.


This is my favourite image from the shoot. I haven’t finished editing yet but should have used a reflector to bounce the light back up, especially on her face she has some awkward shadows.

Final Major Project – First shoot


First shoot – Parkway

My very first shoot was with David in his shop Parkway. I had a good response on Facebook from my post looking for subjects for the project but found it hard to get in touch with people. I decided to go around all the shops and ask them to be a part of it as especially the independent shops make up most of the town centre.

From my pilot project I was using location lighting but when I actually went to the shop there was not enough room even with the small light boxes I took out. The shoot was also done when they were still open so I couldn’t set up a lot of equipment as it would be in the way. I had to have a very slow shutter speed so some of the images are blurry, and I’ve found that tungsten lighting is a problem. The images where David is near a window came out much better.


Shown above is my favourite image from the shoot.

Pilot Project Prints and Reflection

2018-01-11 12.41.21

For the pilot project submission, I decided to print the image shown above on Pinnacle Lustre paper and an A2 size.  For the editing of the image, I found the colours quite hard to correct, and the skin tone of Steph looks redder than it did on the screen. I also cropped the image quite a lot as in my feedback from the presentation they said that the bunch of flowers that was shown on the right-hand side were too distracting.  I decided to put a border on the image as when I was getting ready to print I tested putting a border and actually preferred it, however, I had trouble getting the border on this image and the landscape the same size, so the border on the landscape is a lot thinner.

2018-01-11 12.41.02

Here shown is the landscape image I decided to print for the submission, but instead of printing it on the same paper I wanted to see what a C-Type digital print would look like so I did this with Print Space. I’m really pleased with how it came out, however, I didn’t like how glossy the paper was, and in the end preferred the lustre, even though the glossy, especially for the landscape made the colours very saturated. I will need to do another print using Print Space’s matte paper to compare and see what I will actually want to use for the degree show.

2018-01-11 12.38.45

Looking at the two images together it suddenly came to me that for the pilot project I should have done a more urban landscape in London rather than Long Sutton as I think it would have suited the image more. I didn’t do this because I wanted to make the most of the film I had as it’s expensive and take more images I am more likely to use than those I am not. It’s also difficult looking at the two different types of paper because one is a portrait and the other a landscape with completely different tones, it’s hard to know, other than the glossy A4 prints I did what the portrait would look like. I have decided though then I prefer a satin/lustre paper than glossy.

Lastly, when discussing my pilot project I submitted just the prints rather than framing or mounting them because although I have previously mentioned that I might frame them before, this is not for certain. It felt more important to try different papers first rather than having to look at frames as well as paper, although I know frames will be a big decision because there are so many different kinds and if I have glass that will affect how the paper will look. I a way I wish that I had submitted them in frames reflecting on it, as due to the size of the paper and there not being a box available at an A2 size I had to roll the prints up into a tube, which is something I didn’t want to do as it’s very annoying how curled up they get when trying to look at them, and the assessor will have to find a way to flatten them in order to see them properly.

Overall, individually I am really happy with the prints, but not yet have I found the correct way to make them coherent and editing is still something that is one of my downfalls. Although, I am confident that from the pilot project I will be able to improve as I have learnt a lot about the different aspects I will need to think of when creating my project in the coming months. I will be able to refine the details and make it something I will be proud of.

Sixth Shoot (Landscapes)


Shown above are all of the images I took whilst I was back home over Christmas with the large format camera. I decided that especially for the pilot project I wanted to be able to submit a large format landscape image rather than one of the digital ones so that I could test how easy it would be to get the camera around the town. A couple of the images are recreations of a couple which I really liked from my shoot with a digital camera and one is a new composition I wanted to do.

The first image was a new location I came across which I thought would make a great picture, and I’m really pleased how it came out. Out of all the images, I took this one was perhaps the most correctly exposed and I really like the composition, especially with the row of trees behind the goalpost. The second image was meant to be a recreation of one of my past images but because the sun was beginning to go down the sun was shining too brightly into the camera causing lens flare. I should have known this was going to happen but at the time I thought I would take the chance. It did make me realise, however, how important it is to wait for the right time rather than being in a hurry. I didn’t take the time to make sure the sun wasn’t too low and especially thinking about where the sun is best to be for a particular area.

The third image was another recreation, I found it handy that I already had locations in mind as I could figure out where to park and so forth. This one I think came out well, and will perhaps be the image I will use for the pilot project. Even though there are many shadows I think this adds dimension to the image rather than it being flat. Lastly, the bungalow with the red garage door was another image I took on digital which I really wanted to recreate. It’s very interesting how different lighting can make an image look so different as this has a completely different feel to my previous one. I think that how low the sun was, creating the shadows works really well, and adds something new to it.

Overall I’m pleased with how the images have come out, and by setting the camera up on the tripod before heading out in my car it made it a lot easier to be able to work and get also enabled me to have to carry less. It’s easiest to be able to carry the camera on the tripod than having to carry around the whole box and put it together on location.